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Hate Cake? 5 Non-Traditional Wedding Dessert Ideas to Try Instead!

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You’re different. You’re creative and enjoy thinking outside of the box and you want to show that off at your wedding. How about using a non-traditional wedding dessert to accomplish that? Cakes are great, but there are so many other options for you to consider to show off your personality! Here are 5 delicious non-traditional dessert ideas perfect for your wedding: The Most Important Meal of the Day Who says breakfast foods can’t be desserts? We already have brunch and BFD (breakfast for dinner) – and IHOP is open 24/7 – so why not breakfast for dessert? Since there are…

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Everyone I had the pleasure of working with at Celebrations was wonderful and helpful! We got a ton of complements on the food. I knew I would be in good hands when choosing Celebrations and they exceeded my expectations! They went above and beyond! Thank you Tammy and crew for being so great to us!