Hate Cake? 5 Non-Traditional Wedding Dessert Ideas to Try Instead!

You’re different. You’re creative and enjoy thinking outside of the box and you want to show that off at your wedding. How about using a non-traditional wedding dessert to accomplish that? Cakes are great, but there are so many other options for you to consider to show off your personality!

Here are 5 delicious non-traditional dessert ideas perfect for your wedding:

The Most Important Meal of the Day

donut wedding dessert- Food Catering and Tasting in Frederick MD

Who says breakfast foods can’t be desserts? We already have brunch and BFD (breakfast for dinner) – and IHOP is open 24/7 – so why not breakfast for dessert?

Since there are so many sweet breakfast treats, the options are nearly limitless. Giant cinnamon roll cakes, donut bars, and stacks of pancakes with multiple topping options are all great ways to bring your love of breakfast foods into your wedding celebration. Or, if you’re like Parks and Recreation main character Leslie Knope, serve fluffy waffles with syrup, strawberries, whipped cream, sprinkles, or whatever else your heart desires. Your guests will love these ideas even more if you pair them with some Irish coffee or a mimosa bar!

Easy As Pie

pie wedding dessert- Food Catering and Tasting in Frederick MD

Cake’s different (but just as great) cousin, pie, can be a great substitute for your wedding dessert! Getting a variety of different flavors of pie to serve all your guests will be more affordable than a traditional wedding cake, and you’ll be sure to have something to suit everyone’s tastes instead of having to choose one cake flavor. Or, go mini and serve tiny single-serving pies to eliminate the need for someone to cut pieces for each guest. Cherry, pecan, apple, blackberry, chocolate… The options for flavors go on and on!

Got Milk?

cookie wedding dessert Food Catering and Tasting in Frederick MD

Offering just as much flavor and style variety as pie, but infinitely more portable, cookies make a great alternative dessert option. Go traditional with chocolate chip and sugar, or get fancy with some macarons in your wedding colors. Serve them up with individual glasses of milk in Mason jars with paper straws for that rustic wedding vibe, or milk in martini glasses for your black-tie event.

I Scream, You Scream

ice cream wedding dessert Food Catering and Tasting in Frederick MD

Planning a summer wedding? Ice cream is a great option to help your guests cool off between songs on the dance floor. Sundae bars, a rental ice cream truck, or even alternative ice creams can all be fun additions to a warm and lively party!

On the “Healthy” Side

fruit wedding dessert Food Catering and Tasting in Frederick MD

While you’re probably burning plenty of calories celebrating, those who are more health-conscious can find options, too! Yogurt parfaits or dark chocolate covered fruit are delicious ways to keep your dessert nutritious and energizing, making sure you and your guests don’t get too much of a sugar high and end up crashing before the party is over.

Unique Wedding Catering in Central Maryland

No matter what your style is, there are plenty of alternatives to cake to have at your wedding! Celebrations Catering will gladly work with you to make sure the dessert you serve is fun, festive, and shows off the planning and creativity you have put into your special day. Contact us today to discuss how we can make your wedding one-of-a-kind!

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