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Choosing Catering vs. Self-Catering Your Event

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Food has the potential to be the star of any event. People socialize over it, enjoy it, and use it to refuel for the dance floor. For any big event, you’ll need a lot of food, and with the trend of DIY parties getting hot, it’s tempting to think you can provide that food on your own without the help of a catering service. While in theory this is a great idea, you may want to explore some of the details associated with making that decision. Cost Why drag it out? This is every budget-conscious planner’s main concern. It certainly…

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Everyone I had the pleasure of working with at Celebrations was wonderful and helpful! We got a ton of complements on the food. I knew I would be in good hands when choosing Celebrations and they exceeded my expectations! They went above and beyond! Thank you Tammy and crew for being so great to us!