Top 3 Reasons Why Wedding Insurance is Worth It

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Modern weddings can be elaborate, time-consuming, and downright costly. Couples are investing thousands of dollars to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience not just for themselves, but for their loved-ones as well.
According to a 2016 survey conducted by The Knot, “the overall cost of a wedding has soared to new heights, with a national average of $35,329.” And that’s excluding the honeymoon! For such a costly endeavor, it makes sense why some couples choose to spend a couple hundred extra dollars on wedding insurance.

Here are the top 3 reasons why wedding insurance might just be worth it in the long run:


1. Vendor Issues

Wedding insurance can protect you from a multitude of unexpected disasters that could ruin your perfect day. Protection from the unknown might just be a smart investment, especially if you’re forking over thousands of dollars in nonrefundable deposits for vendors. What if your caterer doesn’t show up? What if your wedding venue floods before the big day? What if your DJ’s equipment breaks? Or your photographer fails to deliver your pictures? These scenarios are not as far-fetched as they may seem. According to NerdWallet, the most common wedding insurance claims are vendor issues, which make up 30% of all claims. Protecting the investment you make in your vendors could save your wedding day – and your budget – from unforeseen circumstances.


2. Inclement Weather

It’s no secret. The weather is impossible to predict a year or even a few months in advance when you have to start booking vendors. Which means you are at the will of Mother Nature when you plan for your big day. Some wedding insurance policies will cover your investments in the event you have to reschedule due to extreme weather conditions. This typically includes hurricanes, tornados, blizzards, and earthquakes. Unfortunately, rainy or gloomy skies do not fall into this category. But if you’re planning a special day during hurricane season (June through November – aka the most popular months for a wedding), you may want to strongly consider this kind of coverage due to the recent influx of hurricanes.


3. Illness or Injury

In times of illness or injury, the last thing on your mind may be canceling or rescheduling a costly wedding when medical bills are looming over you. However, wedding insurance may give you some peace of mind knowing that you and your partner are covered. In case you have to postpone the wedding due to unforeseeable illness, injury, or even death, insurance companies will reimburse the cost to reschedule your wedding. The majority of wedding insurance policies typically cover the bride, groom, and members of the wedding party.

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The Bottom Line

Take some time to research other couples’ stories and how your plans might go awry. If you’re planning a costly wedding, insurance could save you big time. Problems can arise at any time. Don’t add to your burden by forgoing wedding insurance. Put your mind at ease and rest assured that your special day is covered.

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