5 Key Tips for Hosting a “Green” Business Meeting

5 Key Tips for Hosting a “Green” Meeting- Event Catering Frederick MD

You’re planning a corporate luncheon or conference, but know how much waste can be produced by a single meeting. How can you possibly be eco-friendly while simultaneously having a productive meeting?

Here are 5 important things to remember to make sure you are eco-friendly while getting down to business:

Cut Down on Paper

One of the most efficient ways to reduce your meeting’s environmental impact is to cut back on paper. When it comes to meetings an conferences, consider emailing out agendas and presentation handouts rather than supplying them on paper. Going this route not only saves several trees, it also saves you a bunch of money in your event budget that can be used elsewhere.

Use Reusable or Compostable Utensils

If you’re serving food, you can take cutting down on paper a step farther: Ask your corporate catering company if they provide eco-friendly place settings or silverware. Compostable utensils are becoming more popular, and if you don’t have access to those, ask for reusable place settings.

Sometimes there is no option besides paper or plastic, but you can still try to make sure there is an option to recycle! Talk to your venue manager or luncheon caterer to see what they can supply for you to make recycling easy for attendees if the meeting isn’t in your own office.

Choose a Sustainable Menu

Being kind to the environment goes farther than recycling; you can help more by wisely choosing your food! Hire a corporate catering company that utilizes locally sourced and in-season food products. By doing this, you limit the amount of environmentally-harming emissions from vehicles that transport food from out of state while simultaneously supporting your local infrastructure. Additionally, seasonal, local food will taste better than ingredients that have been frozen to travel long distances, making it a sure bet your guests will love your menu!

Cut Down on the Swag

Everyone loves free stuff in the moment, but how many of those nametags and company-logo notepads just end up in the trash or collecting dust in the back corner of your desk?

Try to get reusable badge-holders that people can return after the meeting. Save money and don’t go overboard with the giveaway items. If you choose to give out some swag, take an eco-friendly route by having company reusable water bottles made.

Plan the Location Around Public Transportation or the Availability of Carpooling

Minimize your meeting’s carbon footprint by choosing a venue close to train stations or bus stops. If your city doesn’t have an easily accessible public transportation system, you can organize a carpooling system so attendees who are driving can take fewer cars.

Quality Corporate Catering in Central Maryland

Even small steps can make a big impact in your environment. At Celebrations Catering, we actively work to make eco-friendly decisions for all our clients. Contact us today for a quote for your corporate luncheon or conference.

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