Building the “Table-Scape”

Seamist, Auqa, Caribbean, Turquoise, Jade, Teal, Lagoon….choosing your color palette can be antagonizing between bridesmaid’s dresses, the tux, flowers, and even table linens!

Guests generally spend 4 hours at the table at a sit-down dinner reception, so consider how the elements of the table will work together to create the table-scape you want.

Design Philosophy: The location and season can inspire colors; whether it be

  • Cool: deep colors mainly blue, green, and purple
  • Graduated: light-to-dark spectrum of a single hue.
  • Hot: intense colors on warm end of color wheel, such as orange, red, and coral
  • Monochromatic: one color used throughout. Can still add a pop of high contrast.
  • Tone-on-tone: similar hues worked together, such as light pink and medium pink or white and cream.
  • Variegated: spotty patches of different colors

Napkin Linen is a great way to incorporate your colors and texture into the table decor. The ever popular alternating napkin colors at every-other place setting or guest table gives you the opportunity to incorporate accent colors. Choosing the same color napkins as your table linens also sometimes draws guests attention to those centerpieces you worked so hard on! Keep in mind the color of your wedding gown, tuxes, and bridesmaid’s dresses so not to blend into the tables. And who says all tables have to be the same, you can even distinguish your sweetheart table with a colored overlay, chair sashes, or runners. While the groom will likely be less interested in linens, this is your chance to get creative and have fun!

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