Buffet or Seated? A few tips to help you decide what works best for your event!

So you have picked your perfect wedding venue, now it’s on to picking out the perfect menu for your guests. BUT! The big question is… buffet or seated? Both offer great options, but which service will please your guests and your budget? Here are a few tips that may help you decide:


  • A buffet offers lots of variety, and it allows guests to serve themselves as much food as they like (whether that’s on their first trip or their third).
  • Buffets can be stylish and trendy, too. Caterers have options like action stations (where chefs hand-roll sushi or create custom stir-fry), carving stations (where buffet attendants carve meat) and even themed stations (Southern cuisine here, Italian there and Thai over there).
  • Often, a buffet is a less expensive option than a seated dinner, and it offers a great way to get guests out of their seats and mingling.


  • Seated dinners are undeniably elegant. With everyone being served in perfect synchronicity, dinner is the perfect time for the bridal party to make toasts without cutting into time on the dance floor.
  • A carefully planned seating chart means that your guests can enjoy dinner with old friends and family, or make new connections.
  • And while everyone’s eating quietly and held captive at their table waiting for the next course, the bride and groom can actually eat, too, with fewer interruptions.

So what do you think you would prefer? Just know that whatever you decide, Celebrations Catering will ensure to give you an experience with delicious food and service that you will remember forever!

Happy Planning!

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Fantastic service and delectable menu. Miles ahead of the competition in the area. Chip and his friendly staff made our wedding day even more enjoyable. We received numerous compliments from our guests on the quality of the food. What you get is worth so much more than what you paid. Thank you so much!