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5 Questions to Ask Event Vendors to Avoid Losing Money

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Throwing a big event? Chances are you’re going to need the support of vendors to make it happen. Special event vendors include caterers, photographer, florists, and DJs. Regardless of what kind of shindig you’re throwing – wedding, anniversary, birthday party, bat mitzvah, or corporate gig – here are a few questions you need to ask every vendor before you sign the contract: Is your business insured? You want to make sure your vendor has liability insurance should anything go wrong. If not, you as the event coordinator or host will be responsible for any mishaps. Liability insurance covers their business…

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Fantastic service and delectable menu. Miles ahead of the competition in the area. Chip and his friendly staff made our wedding day even more enjoyable. We received numerous compliments from our guests on the quality of the food. What you get is worth so much more than what you paid. Thank you so much!